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Exploring Punta Cana's Enchantment at Princess Hotels & Resorts

April 29, 20244 min read

I recently embarked on a journey to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a travel agent tour of the all-inclusive Princess Hotels & Resorts compound, and I am equally smitten with Princess and Punta Cana. Grand Bavaro Beach truly is worth the hype, and the price point? Yes please! I had the privilege to stay in a property that shared the DR culture with me. If you are beach lover that is looking for a fantastic deal, look no further. This is why I believe that Punta Cana and Princess Hotels & Resorts need to be on your radar:

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1. A Paradise of Beach Bliss

I am a sand snob. There, I said it. Rest assured that the beach at Princess/Punta Cana is masterfully painted in turquoise hues and accented by powdery soft sands. This is the real deal, folks. Best of all, visiting in April meant uncrowded shores, amazing weather, ample seating, and a plethora of engaging activities. From lively poolside foam parties to beachside DJ sets, food trucks, and traditional Dominican Republic performances, there was irresistible charm and fun for all ages. The pinnacle was witnessing a vow renewal ceremony at dusk. Between the pitch perfect temps, the colorful sunset and the lovely beachside meal and cocktails (twinkle lights and all), it felt like a slice of heaven. Did I think it the perfect setting for weddings or vow renewals? Absolutely. Did I attempt unskilled dancing to the DJ after dinner? I’ll never tell.

2. Nature's Playground

Walking through the multiple resorts (which you will mostly have “exchange privileges” for) felt like stepping into a natural wonderland. Flamingos, peacocks, iguanas, and an array of fascinating wildlife added a touch of whimsy to every corner. Breakfasts became serene moments as I dined amidst the company of colorful birds and serene water features. The resort's lush foliage and vibrant blooms offer a stark contrast if you enjoy a more urban life, providing a truly immersive experience in nature's embrace. If you want to stay active, use the Princess app to plan your day of beach volleyball, gym, spa, yoga classes, tennis courts, dance classes, PADI certifications and more. In the evening, live music performances abound!

3. Gastronomic Delights and Impeccable Service

The culinary journey at Princess Hotels and Resorts was a favorite highlight. This wasn't just hot dogs and burger. Every meal showcased diverse cuisines: hibachi, Italian, Indian...even a traditional Dominican Republic feast. There was even a sports bar if you need to stay connected to your fantasy team. The attentive service, personalized touches, and friendly staff elevated the experience, ensuring that every need was met with a smile.

Looking for some down time with your sweetie? Note that the family resorts feature Kid's Clubs with excellent child-care opportunities.

4. Exquisite Resort Features

Whether you seek an adults-only OR a family friendly retreat, I loved the attention to detail with design elements. Expect sweeping entryways, charming tiki huts, captivating water features, and artful statues. I would highly recommend the upgraded Platinum Club experience to capture exclusive access to a private check-in + roped off (Platinum Club only) beach access, swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. The seamless blend of luxury and accessibility made every moment at the resort more memorable, whether lounging by the pool or relishing a secluded and shady lounge chair while listening to the ocean waves. The well-appointed rooms themselves are an undeniable asset, boasting giant bathrooms, swim up suites, room service, and adjoining family suite and more. Honestly, a giant shower wins me over everytime, and this was a slam dunk. For the families, another callout feature is bunk beds for three!

5. Convenient Access

One often overlooked aspect of travel is the ease of reaching the destination. Punta Cana is a breezy 5 hour direct flight from DFW. Princess boasts a close proximity to PUJ airport, coupled with a scenic drive filled with local charm. Although my driver cued up Bryan Adams, I asked him to switch it to a group he listens to most. We had a blast jamming out to peppy sala music during the breezy 30-minute journey to the Princess resorts. This set the tone for a memorable stay, and it is a memory that still makes me smile.

In conclusion, I had been to the Dominican Republic as part of a cruise, but I had never invested significant time. My experiences at Princess Hotels & Resorts in Punta Cana surpassed expectations in every way. From the breathtaking natural beauty to the incredible food, exemplary service, and seamless resort amenities, it was a journey filled with wonder and relaxation. Whether you seek a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a rejuvenating retreat, Punta Cana and Princess Hotels & Resorts has both family friendly AND adults only beachside offering. An unforgettable experience awaits, and it is more affordable than you think.

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