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The Cruise Conundrum: 7 Days versus 15 Days

March 18, 20243 min read

Cruising is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to vacation. The allure of exploring multiple destinations while only unpacking once, coupled with the onboard amenities and activities, makes it an attractive option for all ages. Many book an easy 7-day cruise, based on work vacation time, and often wonder what life is like on a longer voyage....what about a 10-15-day voyage?

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience both ends of the spectrum—a 7-day cruise immediately followed by a 15-day adventure. And let me tell you, the difference profound.

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Rest and Recuperation

The most noticeable dissimilarity between the two cruises was the general level of recuperation. After the 7-day cruise through Europe, where jet lag still lingered, I found myself just beginning to feel settled when it was time to disembark. In contrast, the 15-day cruise (with mostly sea days) through the Panama Canal allowed ample time for genuine relaxation. The extended duration meant that I needed to work more throughout the trip, yet I also had more opportunities to unwind and enjoy daily life and amenities onboard the ship.

A Tale of Two Crowds

Another striking observation was the demographic variance among passengers. On the 15-day cruise, a more mature audience (mostly retirees) populated the ship, fostering more inclusivity. It's almost like everyone was saying "hey, come join us." We were some of the "younger" guests since we are still working. Meanwhile, most passengers on shorter cruises tend to stick to themselves since their vacation days are so limited. In other words, a short voyage is more about you and your party. If you are a social butterfly, longer voyages encourage mingling and formation of lasting connections. We formed lifelong friendships amidst the shared experiences, a testament to the transformative power of extended travel.

Embracing the Slow Pace

One aspect I cherished about the 15-day cruise was the unhurried pace. By day 7, a typical 7-day cruise would be done! Obviously. However, we had a sense of relief on day 7 when we were on the 15-day journey...."we still have lots of time," and that midpoint is where it really started getting good! The abundance of sea days allowed for a more leisurely exploration of onboard amenities and activities, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cruising experience...breakfast in bed, incredible crew members and more. Sometimes on a shorter cruise, you have to make sacrifices. This and not that. But how do you decide when the options all look great! It felt like we sacrificed nothing on the longer cruise....we got to experience everything. Eventually.

Finding Balance

Of course, the prospect of a longer voyage might evoke concerns about staying connected or fulfilling responsibilities. Fortunately, advancements in technology have made remote work feasible even from the high seas. I said FEASIBLE. I still had to stay connected, and I was able to accomplish most of what I aimed for, however, there are still limitations to productivity. I just did what I could in the moment, knowing that I would enjoy the journey and accomplish the rest when I was onshore or back home.

The Verdict

In hindsight, the choice between a 7-day and a 15-day cruise is clear. While both offer unique advantages, the 15-day cruise was a slam dunk. Beyond the scenic destinations and onboard luxuries, it's the opportunity to disconnect, forge meaningful connections, and savor the journey that sets the 15-day cruise apart.

So, if you find yourself deliberating between vacation options, consider prioritizing a longer cruise. Whether it's a 10-day voyage or a full-fledged 15-day odyssey (or more?), the rewards of extended travel are well worth the investment of time.

Happy sailing!

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